Power Hold-Up/MIL-STD-704/160

Resources to Download

MIL-STD-704/DO-160 Power Hold Up Application Sheet

Whitepaper "Specifying a Capacitor for MIL-STD-704/DO-160 Power Hold Up Applications 


Supported Platforms

•  F-15 Eagle 

•  F-18 Hornet 

•  F-22 Raptor 

•  F-35 Lightening 

•  E-2D Hawkeye 

•  Boeing 787

Key Features

SWaP-Optimized -the Most Power Dense in the Industry  This is crucial for power hold-up applications where a compact form factor is necessary allowing for integration into space-constrained systems.

Ultra-Low ESR  Quantic™ Evans hybrid capacitors are distinguished  by their remarkable capacity for efficient charge  and discharge cycles attributed to their ultra-low ESR.  This characteristic not only reduces power losses  but also minimizes heat dissipation, leading to superior energy efficiency in airborne electric systems.

Reliable Performance Across a Wide Temperature Range  Quantic™ Evans hybrid capacitors are suitable for applications operating in both high and low temperatures.

Ruggedized  Our hybrid capacitors withstand high altitude  and vibration challenges.

Hermetically Sealed  Quantic™ Evans hybrid capacitors are hermetically  sealed, which prevents moisture and other contaminants from entering the capacitor, causing degradation  over time. This ensures that the capacitors provide excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal stress,  as well as resistance to high altitudes.

Long service life

Unlimited shelf life

Design Challenge Solved

Avionics engineers must select an energy storage  solution that ensures airborne electric systems meet the requirements of MIL-STD-704/DO-160, providing reliable power to the critical avionics systems throughout  all phases of flight, including brief power interruptions.

Our Solution 

Quantic™ Evans hybrid capacitors are purposefully  crafted to meet the stringent requirements of MIL-STD-704/ DO-160, delivering power-dense, ultra-low ESR and reliable performance across wide temperature fluctuations, and the ability to withstand high altitude and vibration challenges, fluctuations, shock, vibration, and altitude variations.

What is MIL-STD-704/DO-160 Power Hold-up?

MIL-STD-704/DO-160 is a United States military standard that defines the requirements for aircraft electric power characteristics and mandates that an airborne electric system maintain power output during brief interruptions in the input power source. These brief interruptions can occur due to power fluctuations or momentary power interruptions, such as when the aircraft is starting up or shutting down its engines or switching from a generator to a battery. Capacitors are used in power hold up applications, particularly in situations where a very short duration of backup power is required. Capacitors can store electrical energy and release it quickly when needed, making them ideal for providing temporary power during brief interruptions or voltage sags. This requirement is important for ensuring that critical systems on  the aircraft, such as avionics and flight control systems, continue to receive power even during brief interruptions in the power supply. By maintaining power during these interruptions, the power hold up requirement helps to ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft's electrical systems.