• I’ve been waiting six years for industry to get these perfected and to trl-6 or 9. We will need tons of these in the near future for high pulsed power in the environment.

    Tier 1 Global Aerospace and Defense Technology Company
  • If impressing us was your intent, consider us impressed! With an ESR that low, you are going to make us re-think how we design with these capacitors. The current shunts we use are 1–2mΩ. It would be stupid to use a 2mΩ current shunt with a 5mΩ capacitor.

    Tier 1 Defense Contractor
  • The Temperature testing completed Monday. I’ll send initial conditions and results in a few days, but if someone else had shown me the data, I wouldn’t believe it. The C, ESR and ESL results look too good to be real. These caps are being presented to a USG customer as the technology enabler (for a BFL) on the 12th. Amazing, totally amazing.

    Tier 1 Global Aerospace and Defense Technology Company
  • Each pulser contains its own local energy storage capacitor bank consisting of 3 Evans Capacitor Company TDD3125452 4500uF/125VDC tantalum Hybrid capacitors and their associated bleeder resistors. The capacitors deserve special note as they are a major enabling technology that reduces the volume of the capacitor bank by at least a factor of three while providing better ripple current characteristics and superior cooling compared to standard electrolytic devices. The use of these capacitors allows the incorporation of 100J of energy storage in approximately 3.5 cubic inches.

    Lawrence Livermore National Labs