Capacitor Bank

Quantic Evans capacitor bank assemblies are available with 2-8 (or more) internal capacitors. These capacitor banks are perfectly suited to meet MIL-STD-704/DO-160 in avionic design applications in the most volumetrically efficient package available in the market today.  The internal capacitors shall utilize sintered tantalum anodes and ruthenium oxide coated cathodes operating in aqueous electrolyte. The components shall be potted and hermetically sealed in a welded tantalum case with a glass-to-metal anode terminal seal. The capacitors are potted in an aluminum housing. All required bleed resistors are included. Evans capacitor bank assemblies are designed to be configurable and we welcome the opportunity to configure capacitor banks in alternate configurations and/or terminated to a customer’s application requirements.

Electrical Specifications

Rated Voltage Range10VDC to 700VDC
Capacitance Range1,100uF to 900,000uF
Life (@85ºC)Contact Factory for Information

Mechanical Specifications

ShockTested for 11ms at 50g
Vibration12 sweeps/axis, 20g peak

1.5 hours/axis, 12g rms
SolderabilityTo ANSI J-STD-002. Terminals 63/37 Sn/Pb coated
Operating Temperature Range
-55ºC to +85ºC
Storage Temperature Range
-62ºC to +130ºC
Moisture Resistance6V Polarity