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Key Features  
• The high dielectric constant of the Ta2O5 anode allows the capacitor to withstand high voltages  
• The RuO2 cathode has great capacity to store charge, increasing volumetric efficiency  
• Unlimited shelf life 
Environment and Export  
• Standard terminations are 60/40 SnPb nickel "wire per N32 of MIL:STD:1276  
• Lead-free RoHS compliant options available  
• HyCap-HT capacitors are ECCN EAR99  
• Environment—Finish of Terminations
√  Standard leads Sn/Pb per N32 of MIL:STD:1276    
√  For RoHS compliant leads add “-LF” at the end of the complete part number 
Capacitor Life 
HyCap-HT capacitors can withstand either 175°C or 200°C life test with appropriate voltage (see table on datasheet) for durations of 500–2000 hours dependent on P/N. Details available upon request.

Design Challenge

In specific disciplines of downhole instrumentation,  high-energy capacitors are essential to achieve optimal energy density, endure intense shock and vibration,  and ensure reliable, long-lasting performance  even in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C  to 150°C, 175°C, and 200°C.

Our Solution

Quantic™ Evans HyCap-HT capacitors integrate the exceptional performance of a ruthenium oxide cathode, tantalum anode, and tantalum pentoxide dielectric. These capacitors excel in energy storage, offering the utmost energy density per unit volume. They are particularly well-suited for oil and gas applications, as they can reliably operate in temperatures reaching 200°C, even in harsh conditions involving intense shock and vibration.