The Capattery is a high-reliability double layer capacitor. It stores an electrostatic charge at the interface between activated carbon and an aqueous electrolyte in the so-called electric double layer. Long life is possible because the energy storage is physical rather than chemical in nature. These features also provide stable performance during extremely high shock loading.

The shock hardened Capattery models are ideal for weapons systems. They can withstand shocks measured up to 100,000G and spin rates >3,000G. Capattery SH capacitors can power electronics for penetrator testing. SH series are not available for export.

ProductDLA PNVDCCapacitance (uF)ESR (mΩ)Temp Range
RES160504N/A165000001500-55°C to 85°C
RSS160564N/A165000004000-55°C to 85°C

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