Quantic™ Evans is an elite designer and manufacturer of space-grade capacitors, currently qualified and in service with all tier-1 aerospace and defense contractors.

Space-Grade Capacitors

Quantic Evans hybrid wet tantalum capacitors are perfectly suited to handle the unique requirements demanded in space applications. They are routinely screened and qualified to NASA EEE-INST-002 in addition to individual mission requirements. 

Our capacitors are the most power dense in the industry and provide significant SWaP savings compared to other capacitor technologies, making them ideal for space-based applications where minimizing volume and weight are critical design considerations.

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Specifying a Capacitor for Space-Based Applications

Capacitors play a major role in countless critical space-based electronic systems including propulsion, power management, communications, RADAR, LIDAR, filtering, and more. This whitepaper will serve as a guide that will highlight important design criteria to consider when selecting a capacitor for any space application, from large high-profile missions to smaller cost sensitive projects.

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Quantic Evans is pleased to announce it has earned approval from the European Space Agency for its space-grade capacitors to be used on the ROSE-L satellite. Read More

Space Grade Capacitors for Mission-Critical Applications Product Offerings. Learn More

Discreet capacitors and capacitor banks available to meet your voltage requirements.