DLA 09021 (PDF)

The capacitor shall utilize sintered tantalum anodes and ruthenium oxide coated cathodes operating in aqueous electrolyte with additives. The components shall be hermetically sealed in a welded tantalum case with a glass-to-metal anode terminal seal.

The THS3 Series comes in a 1.4 x 1.4 square.

ProductDLA PNCapacitance (uF)ESR (mΩ)VDCTemp Range
THS301020409021-012000002510-55°C to 125°C
THS301612409021-021300002516-55°C to 125°C
THS302575309021-03750003525-55°C to 125°C
THS303550309021-04500003535-55°C to 125°C
THS305030309021-05300003550-55°C to 125°C
THS306314309021-06140003563-55°C to 125°C
THS308010309021-07100004080-55°C to 125°C
THS308590209021-0890005085-55°C to 125°C
THS310070209021-09700050100-55°C to 125°C
THS311060209021-10600065110-55°C to 125°C
THS312542209021-11420065125-55°C to 125°C

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