Quantic Evans manufactures high energy density capacitors for demanding mission-critical applications. We have the most power dense capacitor technology in the industry and are routinely specified for defense, aerospace, and energy exploration applications where high reliability and SWaP (space, weight, and power) savings are critical design considerations. When compared to traditional capacitor technologies, EVANSCAPS save weight, volume, and power to deliver key enabling solutions for applications including transmit pulse in radar (T/R modules), electric propulsion for space, targeting and range-finding and weapons systems, high power pulse microwave, electromagnetic pulse applications, Peta-watt lasers for fusion energy, LIDAR, amplifier, power hold up/bridge power, electronic warfare, directed energy weapons and systems, oil & gas downhole wireline, drilling, MWD and completion services, and many more.

Our industry-leading power density is the result of our patented proprietary hybrid wet tantalum technology which combines a traditional Tantalum Pentoxide anode with a Ruthenium Oxide cathode.   Our hybrid wet tantalum capacitors are available in various form factors, such as square, radial, and axial. We also offer capacitor bank assembles for applications requiring higher voltages.

Proud Member of the Quantic™ Electronics Family

Quantic™ Electronics, an electronic component company, is a trusted partner in military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial markets with over a century of combined experience as a reliable problem-solver. Being a part of Quantic’s portfolio has allowed Quantic Evans to continue developing cutting edge capacitor technology, alongside other world-class technology companies that represent the future of mission-critical electronics. Watch the Quantic overview video to learn more about us and all our sister companies.