C-UAS Drone Defense Weapons Systems

Why Quantic Evans?

Quantic™ Evans capacitors are perfectly suited to power today’s cutting edge and warfare-tested C-UAS applications. SWaP -optimized and the most power dense in the industry, their compact size allows them to be placed close to the active elements, thereby minimizing losses due to long wires or traces. Their ultra-low ESR minimizes droop during the transmit pulse cycle. They have no current limit and can be discharged into a dead short repeatedly without damage. .

Quantic Evans maintains a proud 25 year legacy of collaboration with tier 1 and tier 2 defense contractors to provide support for programs and platforms vital to safeguarding our nation's security.

Key Features
  • Quantic Evans proprietary hybrid wet tantalum technology
  • 10-125V in multiple configurations
  • Ultra-low ESR for high current pulse; minimizes voltage droop
  • No current limit; can be discharged into a dead short repeatedly without damage
  • Reliable across a wide temperature range
  • Ruggedized to withstand high altitude, extreme shock, and vibration
  • High reliability and unlimited shelf life
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Resources to Download

C-UAS Drone Defense Weapons Systems Overview 



  • High Energy Pulse Laser [HEL]
  • High Power Microwave (HPM)
  • Jamming